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About Ms. Jaclyn Kesler

My name is Jaclyn Kesler and I have been an educator of Pre-K students since 2016. I spent two years in the private sector before joining the District 2 Pre-K Center at Third Avenue in 2018. During the past four years, I have supported childrens’ physical, social, and emotional development to prepare them for Kindergarten, fostered their love of learning and facilitated relationships that enabled children to make new friends while learning important social skills. I understand that Pre-K is many children’s first educational experience and want them to develop a lifelong love of learning. As a result, I aim to provide

these young learners with a culturally responsive education in a safe environment where they feel supported and are able to flourish. I have been fortunate to work with colleagues and an administration that shares the same goals - the creation of “meaningful opportunities for children... within a joyful, safe, inclusive, developmentally appropriate...learning environment” (District 2 Pre-K Centers website).

My growth at the Pre-K Center has been driven by my observations, documentation and reflections. As I interact with my students, I learn about their strengths, needs, uniqueness, knowledge and skills that enable me to differentiate instruction and encourage their success. Believing that play is the work of children and that they learn best through play, I set up my physical classroom and Google

classroom (during remote learning) to allow children to work with materials of interest while encouraging them to make choices, and utilize their imagination and creativity. While following the themes of the Creative Curriculum, I incorporate play into each center and activity. 

As children are introduced to new skills and concepts, their subsequent practice affords them with opportunities to make meaningful conclusions. My detailed lesson plans reflect the importance of play as well as differentiation for individual students to ensure I am effectively meeting each child’s needs. Through the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment program

used at the Pre-K Center, I can authentically assess each child, allowing me to plan and deliver effective lessons and instruction.

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Working as a teacher at the District 2 Pre-K Center is a rewarding experience. It is meaningful to contribute to the growth of my students and build relationships with them and their families. I enjoy collaborating and exchanging information with my colleagues. I look forward to my continued professional and personal growth at the Pre-K Center for many years to come. 


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1999
Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Studies and Psychology, GPA. 3.75

Hunter College - CUNY, New York, NY, 2012               
Master of Science in Childhood General and Special Education: Behavior Disorders Program (Grades 1-6), GPA. – 3.98


Touro College, New York, NY –2012                                                                                         Master of Science in Early Childhood Special and General Education (Birth-2), GPA 4.0        


  • Jogging

  • Travel

  • Visiting museums

  • Playing tennis

  • Cooking

  • Reading

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